Thursday, August 20, 2009

Feeling Good About Feeling Bad

Work took a turn today from the usual. While at lunch I noticed a cup of markers and contstruction paper. Taped to the cup was a note from Phoenix Children's Hospital. Our work was asking the employees to volunteer themselves to make cards while at lunch for certain children in a certain unit (no exact details were actually given).
But what was made clear was that we were not allowed to use or draw any names or religious references, but let's not forget the words "get well soon" as some of the children might not be that lucky. Some who might have considered this completely tossed it aside with the challenge at hand, I decided to take this head on. I pretty much wrote Andrew WK lyrics throughout the card and drew vegetables having a great time (thought I hope none of the children are actually "vegetables"..eek). On the back I advised kids to say "meow" for absolutely no reason other than becuase its awesome in hopes to try the nurses' patience with abnoxious antics (who would get mad at a kid who's gonna die?......we'll see)

I feel like I've done a great thing but I still feel horrified knowing that someone is going to read this and has a due date on his/her time here. It's haunting but it was better than doing nothing.

A couple of years ago I put together a benefit show for kids who were suffering from HIV / AIDs. Out of all the shows I've done in the time I've done them, that show by itself still remains to be the show I seem to remember the most.

Maybe I'll do another, I'd love to. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any.......