Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jimmy Eatworld - Static Prevails

This record probably couldn't have came at a better time in my life. At that point I would have listened to anything with screaming and bands like Frodus have already been one of my favorite bands. To me this record seemed like it had a little grunge-Sonic Youth-y influence to it, but I was drawn to the dynamics and the high end yell Jim Adkins would belt out every so often. There were a lot of bands i noticed that would play on their clean channel and then kick in the overdrive to "rock out". This record has those moments but (especially) seeing them play songs like Digits live confirmed that Jimmy Eat World wasn't the run in the mill local playing out of the marshal solid state who's versus' dance from a medley of arpeggio rape to shitty unbearable distortion because the chorus had to be "intense" and "emotional".

This record is totally unlike any other record they've put out. It's my favorite above clarity to be honest.

I've been to my fair share of local shows and I think having to sit through bands that thought if they only played exactly what the biggest band at the time is playing, that they will get just as big (I guess in all fairness, it's not a bad concept especially if your this guy who came up with it). I think having to live through all that, my brain decided to push back records like Static Prevails to the further regions of my head. I'm glad I found it again

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