Friday, August 28, 2009

Becky lee And Drunkfoot - One Take Demo

a friend of mine, Mike Jarmuz first told me about Becky Lee. He went on about how she was a great singer and rocks the stage all by herself and was signed to some label in Europe (Voodoo Rhythm Records out of Switzerland to be exact, home of Reverend Beat-Man) but is from here originally and has huge potential to be awesome, Muz knows his shit so instantly interest sparked. Sean, a friend of mine (who is also in a one man band called Via Vengeance) also told me about her and how he knew her and with him was when I finally got a chance to see her when Yuma Territorial Prison Guards were playing around town with Becky Lee. I was incredibly impressed. I did see her at the Bare Wires show and she's only gotten a lot better (it's becoming overkill at this point, and there's nothing wrong with that)

I got this Demo (a friend bought it for me actually) at the show with YTPG. But pa-rouse her myspace for anything else she might be selling or go to one of her shows and buy this Demo off her.

Becky Lee and Drunkfoot - One Take Demo

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