Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

$, seriously

OK, got some good stuff coming to town during the SXSW frenzy but we all know how it can be when you have the marquee charging parking+tickets+$20 bottles of water and every band in town is trying to all play on the same days. Nobody can afford to go to all those shows, it's insane.

So for 3 days in a row in the middle of all this insanity we have 3 awesome shows with (what I consider to be) incredible bands, all for $5 a night.

This means you can probably buy your friends ticket too. All that matters is that these bands get a chance to blow your brains out and everyone gets to cram into these rooms and have a moment you can only really experience once a year.

No excuses this time. Can't say "I don't have any money" or "that's too expensive" or "I spent it all going to see Jesus go fuck himself on stage because some blog said it was one of the most important bands to watch of 2010, because 2010 just started..."

here we go....

Monday, MARCH 15 2010

Same Hunx, backed by Shannon and the Clams as "The Punkettes"

also playing
Shannon and The Clams (...obviously)
The Pods
show starts at 7.30 at The Iron Lady.
I'll post info up later on the where-abouts of the Iron Lady at a later point

Tuesday, March 16 2010

An awesome live and energetic show every time.

also playing
Charlie and The Moonhearts
The Young Friends
show starts at 7.30 at The Trunkspace

Wednesday, March 17 2010

Jaguar Love and Past lives, both consist of ex Blood Brothers members, yet Past Lives carries the members of the band that I actually liked (guitars, bass and drums. The other vocalist is also in this band, I'm into it). They have a new album coming out on Suicide Squeeze .

also playing

Loud, Heavy, Dark, Art rock fronted by Charlie Looker who was a core member of Zs and also was in Dirty Projectors

also playing
Calvin Markus and The Cosmic Six (singer/guitarist of Subvacuum of Nothing and Dead Times), and Russian Arms and Optics
show starts at 7.30 at The Trunkspace