Sunday, August 30, 2009

Arizona Antics....

A couple of videos made in AZ, made to entertain, for your viewing pleasure......
Don't ask questions about the second video, I was incredibly drunk.

MIKA MIKO hearts The Trunkspace

In a recent interview about The Smell venue in LA and the scene that supports it Mika Miko brought up that there are other venues just like it, they decided to mention Phoenix, Arizona's Trunkspace as an example.

If you don't want to see the whole video at least start it at 2:30 (the mention is at 3:18) so you can get why it was brought up

For more upcoming events at The Trunkspace check out their website.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Marry Me...

In Search for The Romper Stomper Soundtrack

If anyone knows where to find the soundtrack to the Russell Crow, Oscar performance classic Romper Stomper, please let me know. It's just one of those things I want to have for no other reason besides it being completely horrible.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Not really my thang' but my deepest condolences go out to those who feel effected by the lose of DJ AM. It seems that he will not be "bringing it" (as advertised) to the Tempe Market Place next month. RIP

Becky lee And Drunkfoot - One Take Demo

a friend of mine, Mike Jarmuz first told me about Becky Lee. He went on about how she was a great singer and rocks the stage all by herself and was signed to some label in Europe (Voodoo Rhythm Records out of Switzerland to be exact, home of Reverend Beat-Man) but is from here originally and has huge potential to be awesome, Muz knows his shit so instantly interest sparked. Sean, a friend of mine (who is also in a one man band called Via Vengeance) also told me about her and how he knew her and with him was when I finally got a chance to see her when Yuma Territorial Prison Guards were playing around town with Becky Lee. I was incredibly impressed. I did see her at the Bare Wires show and she's only gotten a lot better (it's becoming overkill at this point, and there's nothing wrong with that)

I got this Demo (a friend bought it for me actually) at the show with YTPG. But pa-rouse her myspace for anything else she might be selling or go to one of her shows and buy this Demo off her.

Becky Lee and Drunkfoot - One Take Demo

Flotsam and Jetsam

I was never really a fan but I wish I could sing like this. I would just always talk like that.
I even want the hair.....and the shirt.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Before I moved to Arizona from Oxnard, CA I honestly thought that Arizona was just like this. It kinda almost was, every house had to have some sort of southwest "pueblo" look to it and of course it was the desert. I remember stealing a bike because some kid down the street left it out in front of his house for a couple of hours. I also remember thinking to myself that I was in heaven as I leaving that very house.

Jimmy Eatworld - Static Prevails

This record probably couldn't have came at a better time in my life. At that point I would have listened to anything with screaming and bands like Frodus have already been one of my favorite bands. To me this record seemed like it had a little grunge-Sonic Youth-y influence to it, but I was drawn to the dynamics and the high end yell Jim Adkins would belt out every so often. There were a lot of bands i noticed that would play on their clean channel and then kick in the overdrive to "rock out". This record has those moments but (especially) seeing them play songs like Digits live confirmed that Jimmy Eat World wasn't the run in the mill local playing out of the marshal solid state who's versus' dance from a medley of arpeggio rape to shitty unbearable distortion because the chorus had to be "intense" and "emotional".

This record is totally unlike any other record they've put out. It's my favorite above clarity to be honest.

I've been to my fair share of local shows and I think having to sit through bands that thought if they only played exactly what the biggest band at the time is playing, that they will get just as big (I guess in all fairness, it's not a bad concept especially if your this guy who came up with it). I think having to live through all that, my brain decided to push back records like Static Prevails to the further regions of my head. I'm glad I found it again

Get ready.......

The last show left everyone pretty good about making the trip to come see Titus Andronicus.
This will be their long waited return (at least for myself). I just remember randomly coming across them on some blog well over a year ago, to then doing the show (the first one - the flyer is here). No matter how chaotic and awesome the recordings sound, Titus Andronicus is as true if not better to the songs I've heard recorded. Accompanied by, tour mates The So So Glos and local newcomers The OSS this should be a good night in september.

Where you at the first show?

Titus Andronicus is playing on
Saturday, September 26
w/ The So So Glos, and The OSS
@ Modified Arts
presale tickets can be bought here.
more details here.

DAVILA 666 - show review - 8.26.09 PHX, AZ

w/ Hot Skin, The Chandails, Cardiac Party
The Trunkspace
Phoenix, AZ - August 26, 2009

Davila 666 has seem to have stumbled across a rough patch in the tour. Those who came to tonight's show know for sure. As the band was heading to their Tucson show (a show they were unable to play) their van started giving them trouble (a rental mind you). Having to put more money than the band even had to fix the van Davila 666 made it to Phoenix regardless of the struggles to get here.

The night started off with Cardiac Party, though down one keyboardist they still were able to get peoples heads moving to their obscure blend of random noise fused with catchy pop melodies. The Chandails have been showing progression towards a more mature sound (especially for high schoolers). The Chandails are proving to show strong promise in the future. I hope they're around a year from now. I would really like to see where their efforts will take them.

Hot Skin needs to play Phoenix more. I want to say its unfair that they live so far away and are unable to play here more. Another great band that has incredible promise. Well worth the watch if you ever get a chance to see them. Addison is one of this scenes better guitarists and I'm sure he doesn't get the credit for it

It's been a long time where I went to a show (or done a show) and not one person had a bad thing to say, not only that but they had a lot to say about how good they were. The band's consistent positive high energy, full band sing-along and loud penetrating volumes made it almost impossible for me to not smile and not want to node my head or tap my feet. The room was half full of people dancing or grooving to songs who's lyrics (I'm sure most) they couldn't understand.

These pictures are of Davila 666 tonight.

The one bad thing that happened tonight was due to someone breaking into 5 vehicles in the Bikini Lounge parking lot (which is next door to Trunkspace). One of those vehicles just so happened to be Davila 666's mini van they rented for tour (they just dropped all the money they had into it to continue the current tour). A GPS unit and a camera were stolen, on top of the broken passenger side window.

It was awesome to see people's generosity come full force to help Davila 666. If anyone would like to help them out you can go to their myspace and buy some merch from the merch store.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DAVILA 666 - tonight!

You would have to have a really good reason not to come out. Especially since Arizona never really gets a chance to have bands like this come to town when they usually just play the coastal regions.

Show starts at 8 with Cardiac Party (who really impressed me when I first saw them, so I'm pretty amped to see them again). Don't miss them!

This could be a chance to see this band before Pitchfork or Hypemachine makes them their favorite band and seeing them at a venue like the trunkspace will only be a memory. So bring some extra cash for some shirts and vinyl.

Before my time but still really cool to watch.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


There is no description anyone (as far as I know) can really find of Suicide Nation on the internet. I guess the only way to
really know much of anything would be ask the old dudes. Or try to pry out whatever you can from Matt inLandmine Marathon or Mike Genz of King of The Monsters.

Suicide Nation was before my time, but I could be wrong (I'm guessing to be honest, I know I could be way off but I started going to shows around '97-ish but not really, the joys of living on the other side of town where all the shows were in mesa/tempe and only having friends that exclusively listened to gangster rap). The video below does say '98 so one thing is clear, I def wasn't aware of them when I started going to shows (which is why I'm hoping blogs like this, and places like would help out anyone new in Phoenix).

It's kinda fustrating when people that I've either met or know (from A&Rs of record labels, friends to random dudes in bands like the guys in Wolves in the Throneroom) that has seen or followed Suicide Nation seems to express more than just liking their music (like, "they were more than just a good band" type of descriptions) and it makes it even more frustrating when one is trying to look for even a blog that has one of the albums for download.

I would hope Suicide Nation doesn't become one of the unfortunate gems that will get lost in the sands of time in the history of Arizona punk/hardcore and almost seems as if they wouldn't mind to have it any other way. But if I find anything! I will be sure to post it here...but for now this is it

Suicide Nation - Covenant of Shit

Monday, August 24, 2009


Who here besides me is enjoying the new MEW record?
Comes out tomorrow.
Im all over it

give this track some time....just sit back and wait, then it'll become your favorite song ever.


I'm hearing from a lot of friends that have either seen, toured or played with Lovvers that they are awesome live and I "need to see them". I'm already sold on the new single "OCD GO GO GO Girls". (Lovvers myspace here)

Lovvers are opening up for All Leather and Chinese Stars on November 10 @ The Rhythm Room. more info soon to come.


I'm such a pussy! There's no way I would have walked further to take a better picture so this is at good as it gets from me.
That's it! the black dot up on the top. Those things have rabbies. Fuck that.....
I have no clue as to how a bat got into the 6th floor of a brand new building, unless there are already bats living within the walls of this building.
I did spend sometime today emailing girls in my office that there were bats under the desk of their cubicle.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

GUN OUTFIT - September 2nd

Around the Begining of the year I started working on promoting a show for Mika Miko. While digging around PPM's website for promo materials I stumbled across Gun Outfit. I didn't really give them much attention until the kids at The Manor were spreading the word that they got Gun Outfit to play there.

The Manor is seriously one of my favorite places as of recently. I haven't seen a bad show there. But like most houses that do shows there is that unavoidable end in the future. So! until then I personally am going to try to go to as many shows as I can there.
One in particular is the one on September 2nd with Gun Outfit. I planned on trying to give a little write up on the album, but I never seem to be any good at that.

So here (taken from another blog ha!) download Gun Outfit's Demo '08.

If interested in coming out you should get in touch with the guys (and gals) from the manor.
The locals playing are also well worth the time. I'm pretty excited to see Summer Happened. In all honesty they're not my cup of tea but I love me some Alex Jarson and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

So Catchy!

The Zeros - Beat Your Heart Out

All weekend long my brian has put this song on repeat. I wouldn't ever compare it to some form of torture but I'm just realizing how ridiculous and catchy this song actually is. A fair warning to whoever I potentially date in the future, be prepared to hear this song on a consistent basis in honor mutually decided commitment.....AND YOU WILL LOVE IT!!

I'm Retarded.....

The recent Davila 666 post I made had Sept 26 as the date. That's obviously wrong.
The show is Wednesday, August 26 @ the trunkspace

My apologies, I'm retarded.

See you there

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Earthmen and Strangers are probably one of my top 3 favorite local bands. Some might say thats not saying a lot, but I would have to say I'm rather proud of what we have going on these days. Lenguas Largas from Tucson is another shining star from The Grand Canyon State that will also be playing tonight (I didn't know what to expect at first saw them play but I was completely taken by surprise as to how good they were. Judge for yourself at the EAS myspace here and LL myspace here).

Also, if you make it out, do not miss Bare Wires from Oakland. Their recent release on Tic Tac Totally is pretty solid! BW myspace here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

ALL LEATHER add to Chinese Stars / Lovvers (UK)

San Diego's ALL LEATHER (Justin Pearson of The Locust / Some Girls / Swing Kids)

All Leather has now been added to the already awesome line up on November 10 at The Rhythm Room featuring Chinese Stars and Lovvers (from the UK, a great band that alot of my friends are telling me everyone needs to see.)
More information and advance tickets can be found on the Stateside website (because I've become both overwhelmed with work and slightly lazy to update my website.....those who are interested to help let me know.)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Zeros

THU/SEP 24/2009
@The Sets

I'm not gonna lie, I'm not gonna try to write up something about a band I honestly just found less than a year ago. But I do feel fortunate enough to be apart of helping The Zeros come back to out to Phoenix.

A friend of mine had them on his myspace player and I was intrigued enough to check them out. Just researching the history of the band alone got me stoked on them. I was already starting to have a love affair with anything underproduced or recorded in the 70s where unless you were The Beatles you weren't probably getting what you thought your money could buy.

So instead of trying to fluff you up with whatever banter I could try to muster in an hour or so I will copy/paste the information provided to the world wide web via the ever-knowing Wikipedia (be honest, you owe half of what you have on your itunes to what you've educated yourself through wikipedia)

"The Zeros were an American punk rock band, formed in 1976 in Chula Vista, California. In 1977, The Zeros played their first major gig in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theater. Opening the show was the first performance by The Germs"

I haven't found any information regarding any previous visits The Zeros might have made to Arizona. So I guess you can ask them at the show.

$10 you cant lose. seriously, it's as much as going to see a movie and besides Inglorious Bastards there's probably nothing else good to see right now.

Feeling Good About Feeling Bad

Work took a turn today from the usual. While at lunch I noticed a cup of markers and contstruction paper. Taped to the cup was a note from Phoenix Children's Hospital. Our work was asking the employees to volunteer themselves to make cards while at lunch for certain children in a certain unit (no exact details were actually given).
But what was made clear was that we were not allowed to use or draw any names or religious references, but let's not forget the words "get well soon" as some of the children might not be that lucky. Some who might have considered this completely tossed it aside with the challenge at hand, I decided to take this head on. I pretty much wrote Andrew WK lyrics throughout the card and drew vegetables having a great time (thought I hope none of the children are actually "vegetables"..eek). On the back I advised kids to say "meow" for absolutely no reason other than becuase its awesome in hopes to try the nurses' patience with abnoxious antics (who would get mad at a kid who's gonna die?......we'll see)

I feel like I've done a great thing but I still feel horrified knowing that someone is going to read this and has a due date on his/her time here. It's haunting but it was better than doing nothing.

A couple of years ago I put together a benefit show for kids who were suffering from HIV / AIDs. Out of all the shows I've done in the time I've done them, that show by itself still remains to be the show I seem to remember the most.

Maybe I'll do another, I'd love to. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any.......


WED/AUG 26/7pm

I was skimming through the batch of new 7"s of the week at eastside records when I decided to ask who was being played. I didn't notice who I was listening to but after strolling through the store for a couple of minutes each the poorly recorded 50's influenced garage rock tune became harder to get out of my head (regardless of the language barrier). At the time every band I decided to check out off In The Red was no disappointment, so when I was told that Davila 666 was being played on the overhead and there was no other copies left I knew I had to get my hands on a copy as soon as another came in. The month long wait was worth buying it at eastside as it soon became one of my favorite records to listen to in those months to come.

I would only assume that Davila doesn't have the luxury to visit the states that often (though on their second tour, being from Puerto Rico) so when I noticed their visit and tour listings I had to find out of
they were coming to Phoenix and if they were needing a date in town.

I'll make sure to put pictures up of the show, plus a review but dont miss your chance to get your grubby hands on vinyl and shirts at the show.

show starts at 7pm Saturday, September 26 w/ Cardiac Party, The Tightholes, Hot Skin, and The Chandails @ the trunkspace

"The band sings in Spanish, but banters in perfect -- better-than-Miami -- English. Strangely reminiscent of another Puerto Rican boy band from back in the day, the Davilas have the whole backup vocals thing down pat, though they [thankfully] omitted the spandex leggings for this show." - Miami NewTimes

"the powerful, funny, entertaining and energetic Davila 666 (who don't seem to know much English, or at least they choose not to speak it much from stage) are the ones who left the biggest impression" -

"Davila 666 is the gateway for me, the dirty portal in which I’m diving through on my way to the river of Puerto Rican garage." -

"As I stood there, watching the mayhem and interaction, the CLOSENESS of it all, I wished to be in Davila 666's position..Collective calls of "uno mas!" were met with an encore. The whole thing felt special" - Tremble Under Boom Lights (show review)