Tuesday, August 25, 2009


There is no description anyone (as far as I know) can really find of Suicide Nation on the internet. I guess the only way to
really know much of anything would be ask the old dudes. Or try to pry out whatever you can from Matt inLandmine Marathon or Mike Genz of King of The Monsters.

Suicide Nation was before my time, but I could be wrong (I'm guessing to be honest, I know I could be way off but I started going to shows around '97-ish but not really, the joys of living on the other side of town where all the shows were in mesa/tempe and only having friends that exclusively listened to gangster rap). The video below does say '98 so one thing is clear, I def wasn't aware of them when I started going to shows (which is why I'm hoping blogs like this, and places like
AZhardcore.net would help out anyone new in Phoenix).

It's kinda fustrating when people that I've either met or know (from A&Rs of record labels, friends to random dudes in bands like the guys in Wolves in the Throneroom) that has seen or followed Suicide Nation seems to express more than just liking their music (like, "they were more than just a good band" type of descriptions) and it makes it even more frustrating when one is trying to look for even a blog that has one of the albums for download.

I would hope Suicide Nation doesn't become one of the unfortunate gems that will get lost in the sands of time in the history of Arizona punk/hardcore and metal.....it almost seems as if they wouldn't mind to have it any other way. But if I find anything! I will be sure to post it here...but for now this is it

Suicide Nation - Covenant of Shit

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