Thursday, August 27, 2009

DAVILA 666 - show review - 8.26.09 PHX, AZ

w/ Hot Skin, The Chandails, Cardiac Party
The Trunkspace
Phoenix, AZ - August 26, 2009

Davila 666 has seem to have stumbled across a rough patch in the tour. Those who came to tonight's show know for sure. As the band was heading to their Tucson show (a show they were unable to play) their van started giving them trouble (a rental mind you). Having to put more money than the band even had to fix the van Davila 666 made it to Phoenix regardless of the struggles to get here.

The night started off with Cardiac Party, though down one keyboardist they still were able to get peoples heads moving to their obscure blend of random noise fused with catchy pop melodies. The Chandails have been showing progression towards a more mature sound (especially for high schoolers). The Chandails are proving to show strong promise in the future. I hope they're around a year from now. I would really like to see where their efforts will take them.

Hot Skin needs to play Phoenix more. I want to say its unfair that they live so far away and are unable to play here more. Another great band that has incredible promise. Well worth the watch if you ever get a chance to see them. Addison is one of this scenes better guitarists and I'm sure he doesn't get the credit for it

It's been a long time where I went to a show (or done a show) and not one person had a bad thing to say, not only that but they had a lot to say about how good they were. The band's consistent positive high energy, full band sing-along and loud penetrating volumes made it almost impossible for me to not smile and not want to node my head or tap my feet. The room was half full of people dancing or grooving to songs who's lyrics (I'm sure most) they couldn't understand.

These pictures are of Davila 666 tonight.

The one bad thing that happened tonight was due to someone breaking into 5 vehicles in the Bikini Lounge parking lot (which is next door to Trunkspace). One of those vehicles just so happened to be Davila 666's mini van they rented for tour (they just dropped all the money they had into it to continue the current tour). A GPS unit and a camera were stolen, on top of the broken passenger side window.

It was awesome to see people's generosity come full force to help Davila 666. If anyone would like to help them out you can go to their myspace and buy some merch from the merch store.

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  1. i cant wait to see these guys in seattle this weekednd