Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I first met Evan years ago when he started venturing into starting a label while he was still living in Omaha, Nebraska. The label (Bad News Bears Records) was supposed to put out a Peachcake record as well as one for The Show Is The Rainbow. Unfortunately those plans did not make it to fruition but that didn't seem to stop his passion for music. Once he moved back to Arizona he started an instrumental, light-hearted ensemble called Horse Thieves that bared members of The Kyds vs. Columbus. While in Horse Thieves he had an opportunity to mix and mingle with the best of the local music scene with bands like The Lymbyc Systym (one of my top 3 favorite local bands)

After the break up of Horse Thieves, Evan was telling me about how the drummer and him had decided to start a new band, Knesset. The Song below will be apart of their future full length, and from what I've heard there are a lot more gems waiting to be heard once it comes out. The band has quit the history with the local scene and is starting to make their mark and paying their dues as the up and coming potential bright lights of the Phoenix. They have one show coming up that I'm quit excited about with LA's The One AM Radio and Former Ghosts (featuring members of Xiu Xiu) October 2nd at the Trunkspace.

K N E SS E T - Tell Me All Your Lies

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