Monday, September 7, 2009

HEALTH - November 10 - Rhythm Room

w/ Chinese Stars, Lovvers
November 10
The Rhythm Room

Aside from visiting the ever so beautiful state of Arizona on November 10, HEALTH will be putting their new full length this week on Lovepump Untd. (Genghis Tron's Mookie Singerman's co-owned label). The Album is called Get Color. I'm not sure if there's going to be a consistent theme with album artwork but it always reminds me of reptile scales (though it looks like human cells? I could def be wrong). Either way, I can say that the new album is awesome and worth getting when released.

After doing their shows for the past couple of years I've seen them develope and grow and I would have to say that Get Color is the current product of the hard work they've put into the past couple of years. Out of all their releases, it's also one of the easiest of the albums to listen to, I do enjoy the vocals a lot more. Below is probably one of the better tracks on the album, kinda reminds me a little bit of Killing Joke.

Health will be accompanied by Chinese Stars (if you haven't seen them yet, then there's seriously no reason why your not going to be here) and Lovvers (UK) on November 10 @ The Rhythm Room - more info @ AZPARTYGIRLZ

HEALTH - Die Slow

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